Pepe Arce. Musician, Sound Designer. Born 1975, Seville.

He began his career 1998 with an homage to Frank Zappa (1998) and then in the Andalusian music band Almukatab y la Orquesta Baqdunas. 1997 -2001 he collaborated with La Casita, the leading architectural firm located in Seville, producing music for their nationwide exhibitions. 2003 – 2006 he was musician/arranger for the production company Out of Bounds Music (London) where he played with various musicians including Paul Handley, Alexandra Leguix and Marilin David. 2007 – present day: Sound Designer for the studio Recetas Urbanas, Creator of “Deaf Poetry” with Jaime Gastelver (Aristas Martinez 2011) and Creator of Uno Sound Musik.